MenzArt Distributing’s wildlife art note cards and open edition prints can be purchased to be used as fundraisers. Buy a minimum order of 20 packages of cards and 5 open edition prints at wholesale prices, and sell them at retail prices for a 100% markup.

Our artwork is elegant, black and white, quality and detailed – a treasure to send to friends or to frame for your own enjoyment. The packages of note cards are attractive, easy to carry, affordable, and can be used to support popular causes.

Schools can use this convenient, undated, educational vehicle to raise funds in place of heavy grapefruit, chocolate covered almonds or magazines.

Community groups, such as Scouts or Guides can benefit from the sale of MenzArt note cards as well.

Fish and game societies and organizations such as Ducks Unlimited, Trout Unlimited, and Trailsmen Rod and Gun Club of Ontario have benefited from donations of limited edition prints for their silent auctions. Conservation and environmental groups can benefit likewise from MenzArt artwork.