Bull Headed

Bull Headed

Bull-Headed – Rainbow and Bull Trout

Limited Edition of 200,  24″ x 18″ – $150.00

Open Edition  10″ x 8″ – $30.00


A charr is a cold water fish and found throughout high northern latitudes. Arctic charr, Dolly Varden, brook and bull trout are all charrs. Rainbow, brown and cutthroat are “true” trout. Charrs have light spots while trout have black spots. The bull and Dolly Varden differ in that the bull’s head is considerably longer, broader and more flattened than that of the Dolly Varden. A bull trout can weigh over thirty pounds while a Dolly does not attain a weight of much more than ten pounds. Both lack the worm-like black markings that a brook trout carries on its back and the spots are never surrounded by lighter halos. In some parts, fishermen refer to bull and Dolly trouts as being synonymous. Dolly Vardens are located in Alaska and along the west coast of British Columbia. Bulls are found in eastern British Columbia and Alberta.


In the composition, “Bull Headed”, a struggle ensues. The young parr-marked rainbow takes the presented fly. Flashing in the sunlight near the surface as it runs and struggles to shake free from the hook, it attracts this predator – the bull trout strikes; the jaws clamp tight; the bull swirls and runs. The line spins off the reel as it heads for deeper water. The battle between fish and man lasts for several minutes. Eventually, the bull trout rolling over on its side from exhaustion, lets go. The rainbow mauled hangs limp before the hook is released. The visual interest is heightened by the total landscape – the surface of the water, the depth of the lake, the shelf of the near shore and the intriguing rays of light which unify the whole.