It's Mine!

It's Mine!

It’s Mine! – Western Red-tailed Hawk

Limited Edition of 200,  21″ x 29″ – $170.00

Open Edition  10″ x 13″ – $40.00


Red-tailed hawks have a number of colour variations, and many varieties have colour phases. Western species are darker than their eastern counterparts, and tend to have a wider black band near the end of their tail. Also, they have other less distinct bands on the tail; whereas, eastern birds usually lack these extra bands. Eye coloration changes from a yellowish-grey in immature birds to a dark brown in adults. The pupil of the eye is circled by a dark ring, and red-tails have eyesight eight times more powerful than humans.

Red-tailed hawks soar for hours as they are held aloft by thermal winds. All the time spiraling upward and circling wide, they look for the movement of rodents. Small prey is often carried to tree limbs after capture. Here the hawks can eat more leisurely away from coyotes and other larger predators.

In the composition, “It’s Mine!, a hawk perched on the high nude limb of a silvery snag announces with regal contempt, “It’s mine!” The hawk mantles the deer mouse to conceal it from another hawk.

It’s Mine!