Rockin' Ravens

Rockin' Ravens

Rockin’ Ravens – Common Raven

Limited Edition of 200,  26″ x 20″ – $150.00

Open Edition  10′ x 8″ – $30.00


Ravens are prominent in folklore. Some people view ravens as black omens of evil, while others suggest that we can learn from their behaviors.

In the composition, “Rockin’ Ravens,” the frolicking flight of three ravens is like watching exuberant teens rocking and rolling. They resemble aircraft climbing, then stalling. The birds fall free, tumble, and roll only to maintain control by gliding safely on the air currents. What fun this activity must be for birds of such size. Perhaps it gives them an adrenalin rush as they become addicted to sky dancing. Ornithologists feel that such behavior attracts the opposite sex, is  part of courtship, and strengthens pair bonding.

Candace Savage, in her book, Bird Brains, refers to ravens as having brains of considerable intelligence. Can we follow their lead: rock and roll with the exuberance of youth; free fall, tumble, and roll but maintain control and glide safely; take time for play; and live life with meaning? Here’s to the rockin’ ravens!

Rockin’ Ravens