Winter Partners

Winter Partners

Winter Partners – Canada Geese

Limited Edition of 50,  19″ x 23″ – $150.00

Open Edition  8″ x 10″ – $30.00


Canada geese are admired and they trigger excitement in us because of their beauty and behavior. The V-formations of migratory flights accompanied by loud honking, the permanency of their pair bonds, and their parenting of the young have become part of our folklore.

The belief that Canada geese mate for life (in the event of one of the pair dying the survivor never re-mates) and the belief that the ‘wise old gander’ gives leadership to the flock, are intriguing but are not always true. Individuals of broken pairs do re-mate and will pick new mates if separated from the original mate. In heavily shot populations if members of broken pairs did not re-mate, these populations could not have maintained their numbers. Nature is practical when it comes to survival. Leading and leadership are quite different roles. In dangerous situations the male most often gives leadership; yet the female leads the mating pair in the flight formation during spring migration. Mated pairs seem to precede the non-breeding singles in flights to the breeding grounds. Again, Nature’s focus on survival is placing first things first.

When there is food and open water, geese tend to postpone fall migration. Moving further south is delayed as long as they can feed in the exposed areas of adjacent farmlands.

In the composition, “Winter Partners”. a spring-fed stream furnishes a pair with a resting site. Canada geese winter regularly on open waters of the Bow River near Calgary.

Winter Partners