Birds of Feather

Birds of Feather

Birds of a Feather – Canada Geese

Limited Edition of 200,  19″ x 39″ – $180.00

Open Edition  7″ x 14″ – $35.00


There are over twenty subspecies of Canada Geese but all have the white cheek patches and the characteristic feather colouring – dark back, light front, and black head, neck, feet and tail. Slight variation in features such as size, shape and colour distinguishes one subspecies from another and even provides uniqueness to individuals within the same grouping. For example, people are similar yet unique in their appearances, and dog owners can identify their dog from a group of similar dogs. So it is with Canada Geese, and the artist must give each its identity within the group.

In the composition, “Birds of a Feather”, five new arrivals have joined four others. As the “birds of a feather flock together”, each of the nine is given a “personality” by their placement, stance and expression. Alike yet different, each contributes to the dynamics of the flock and to the reactions of the moment. When contrasted with the subtle landscape, which is far reaching and so typical of Canadian wetlands, these Canada geese in such a setting, causes one to enjoy a Canadian birthright.

Birds of a Feather