Bobcat cradled in a treetop


Cradled - Bobcat

Limited Edition of 100,  26″ x 20″ – $150.00

Open Edition  10″ x 8″ – $30.00

The Bobcat does not spend as much time in trees as does the Lynx; nevertheless, it is an experienced climber. They depend largely on sight in capturing game and are essentially ground-level hunters stalking their prey much as do domestic cats. Bobcats are secretive, solitary in habit, nocturnal and rarely seen.

In the composition, “Cradled”, a Bobcat is resting on a low branch. Its mottled fur provides excellent camouflage. The eyes and ears remain alert as the Bobcat ponders whether to pounce on a Snowshoe Hare which is about to pass near the base of the tree.