Autumn Antlers

Autumn Antlers

Autumn Antlers – Moose

Limited Edition of 200,  20″ x 25″ – $150.00

Open Edition  10″ x 8″ – $30.00

Antlers are grown and shed annually. When fully developed they are covered by velvet which is rubbed off in the fall by thrashing small trees and bushes. Bulls shed their antlers in December after the rut in September and October. They then spout new ones in April or May. During autumn the light-coloured antlers contrast sharply with their brown and black shiny coats. Large antlers can span 1.8 meters and can weigh over 25 kilograms. What a relief not to have to carry nor to nourish these antlers during the hard winter months.

In the drawing, “Autumn Antlers”, a bull moose is peering through the foliage. His watchful eyes are trying to see what is ahead. The wind and sound have heightened his curiosity which has not yet escalated to an alert. A longer period of watchfulness is likely before further movement betrays his location. As time passes, undisturbed he will resume eating the tender shoots of leaves, the new growth of branches and the bark of saplings. Later he will bed down among the aspen to rest before grazing another day.