All Ears

All Ears

All Ears – Mule Deer

Limited Edition of 200,  24″ x 18″ – $150.00

Open Edition  10″ x 13″ – $40.00

A recent snow weighs heavily on the boughs. The forest is silent except for the intermittent sound of snow ‘plopping’ down from the freighted boughs. The darkness of evening has long passed. The light of day causes the mule deer to move slowly among the spruce and poplar. With snow on their coats, they blend with the surroundings. Before proceeding from cover to a partial clearing, they instinctively pause. Suddenly a sound focuses their attention in one direction.

In the composition, “All Ears”, the mule deer stand motionless with ears erect and eyes alert. In ever sense, they are “all ears”. For a short period of time they remain poised causing the onlookers to hold their breath for fear of being discovered. When the deer are startled, the magic of this moment disappears as they bound from sight as if they are on pogo sticks. All that is left as the light claws back the shadows are reflections – in the water and in the mind. A feeling of loneliness prevails. The drawing tries to capture the intensity of the elusive muleys as they sense the unexpected. The feelings and emotions generated from such a scene, can now be experienced and treasured by others and without any of the time limits placed on us by nature.