Good Boy, Duke

Good Boy, Duke

Good Boy, Duke – Golden Retriever and Mallard Duck

Limited Edition of 200,  29″ x 21″ – $160.00

Open Edition  13″ x 10″ – $40.00


Pointers and setters are trained to “point” and “set” when they detect the scent of game birds, hence their names. They freeze, standing motionless short of the quarry, until the hunter arrives. These dogs are field specialists bred for field work before the shot. On the other hand, game taken after the shot is often handled by retrievers trained and bred for that task. Retrievers are a cross between the Newfoundland Labrador and water spaniels, poodles, and setters. Retrievers occur as several different breeds which are sometimes long-haired, short-haired, or curly-haired. Their thick hair protects the dogs against the cold water, and large feet make them excellent swimmers. Their size, strength, good nature, and love of water make them a good match for waterfowl hunters. What the retriever lacks in the field is more than made up in the water.

In the composition, “Good Boy, Duke,” the mallard folds and falls after the shot. Upon impact, the drake splashes into the water. The command to fetch causes Duke to dive into the water with one leap. Eventually he reaches the mallard and proudly returns with the bird. On shore he lays his charge gently on the ground while he shakes the water from his coat. With a tender mouth he picks up the bird and waits patiently to be congratulated. His owner says, “Good boy, Duke!” then gives him a couple pats on the head. The dog releases the bird to the hunter’s hand, and wags his tail with pride. What a pleasure to watch such a dog at work! Both the hunter and the retriever become a team, and all onlookers experience the inner glow of satisfaction for the jobs well done.

Good Boy Duke