Youthful Curiosity

Youthful Curiosity

Youthful Curiosity – Cougar and Rabbit Kits

Limited Edition of 200,  21″ x 20″ – $160.00

Open Edition  13″ x 10″ – $40.00


Cougars and Snowshoe hares share the mountainous terrain of Alberta and British Columbia. Although cougars prey predominantly on deer, their diet includes small mammals such as hares. The new born cougar is helpless, and for the first week has its eyes closed. Mother brings food and provides milk, from which the kit is weaned at about eight weeks. On the other hand, the snowshoe hare bears babies able to see and move about at birth. Again, in contrast, their development is more rapid, but the life cycle is much shorter. Nevertheless, during the first six weeks the young of both are wide-eyed, playful and curious.

In the composition, “Youthful Curiosity”, a cougar kit strays from the den while the mother is searching for food. The baby hares, also without mother, are attracted to a small clearing by the warmth of the early spring sun. Here, a chance meeting occurs. Free from teachings yet to come, the young are naive. There is no need for caution, so youthful curiosity prevails. At this innocent stage, neither the cougar kit nor the hare kits have any notion of what their adult role will be – predator or prey?

Youthful Curiousity