On The Edge

On The Edge

On the Edge – Mule Deer

Limited Edition of 200,  28″ x 21″ – $160.00

Open Edition  10″ x 13″ – $40.00


Mule deer are so named because of their large mule-like ears. Adult bucks and does differ in their facial characteristics. The doe’s face is almost a uniform colour with the forehead slightly darker, whereas the buck’s face is marked by a sharp contrast of the dark brow to the light-coloured nose and cheeks. The chin and throat of both are white. The tail of each is narrow and white except for a solid black tip. The belly of both is dark and the male has Y-shaped antlers.

In the composition, “On the Edge”, a group of seven mule deer are standing on the edge of a cultivated field as the first light dawns a new day. These deer are returning to the daytime cover of grass and bush which line the coulees of the river basin. On top of the river basin the adjacent farmland is flat and rich. Here deer graze protected by night. Momentarily they are poised – each looking back, watchful and alert to the sound of a tractor cab door closing some distance away. Seconds later, all are gone.

On the Edge