Hiding Out

Hiding Out

Hiding Out – Jackrabbit

Limited Edition of 100,  24″ x 20″ – $150.00

Open Edition  10″ x 8″ – $30.00


The Jackrabbit is not a rabbit but is actually a hare. Hares have longer legs and ears than do rabbits. The young are born fully furred, eyes open and are able to hop within hours after birth. Rabbits are born naked, blind and are unable to move about.

Hares are targets for many predators. Their survival depends upon numbers and the capacity to procreate. The saying “Mad as a March hare” is an apt description of a buck whose courtship antics resemble madness in the early spring.

Hares live in wide open places utilizing speed to out-distance predators. In Canada they turn white in winter which gives them a protective camouflage with the snow. When unseasonably mild weather produces little or no snow, the white coats give them away and more fall victim to carnivores, large birds and man.

In the composition, “Hiding Out”, a white-tailed Jackrabbit is crouched in a protective blanket of snow. Ears low, body motionless, it hides from enemies while conserving energy waiting for winter to pass.

Hiding Out