Curiousity – Pronghorn Antelope

Limited Edition of 200, 20″ x 15″ – $140.00

Open Edition  10″ x 8″ – $30.00

The pronghorn derives its name from the distinctive horn pattern. Both bucks and does have horns but the spikes of the doe are shorter than her ears, whereas the horns of a mature buck are longer than his ears. Bucks have black cheek patches. As the breeding season approaches, these black hairs which cover scent glands become darker.

In the composition, “Curiosity”, a buck and a doe keep watch. Their large bulging eyes can detect movement up to six kilometres away. Although nervous and fleet-footed, they are curious. The elevation and open country make it easy for them to see long distances. Two kilometres away hunters have staked a white flag which will ripple in the wind; they hope that curiosity will bring the pronghorns into range. Will curiosity kill this prime pronghorn buck?