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Keepers of the Land

One year, Gil Menzies received a Christmas card from one of the farmers on whose land he had hunted and had returned with a goose, plucked, cleaned and frozen. Later, the farmer’s wife invited guests for Thanksgiving dinner where roast goose was on the menu. In her card she reported that the goose was delicious, but she wasn’t sure if it was their good barley or Gil’s good recipe that made the difference. This interaction with keepers of the land is most enjoyable.

Permission from Farmers

To hunt geese, Gil Menzies always asks farmers for permission to use their land. In

Water Wings

Water Wings

appreciation, he usually returns with a plucked, cleaned and frozen goose and an art card containing a note regarding the success of the hunt along with a roast goose recipe. Most often, when Gil returns in subsequent years, the cards have been framed and displayed in a prominent place. One rural lady, whom Gil had never met, had collected a few different cards over the years, and for Christmas that year she was having the cards framed in a collage as a gift to herself so she could enjoy them daily.

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