The wildlife art cards are 6.5” x 5” and are the same fine quality paper as the limited edition prints. The image is framed by an embossed border which enhances the quality of the note card and requires fewer mats if framed. The cards are blank so they can be used for any occasion including being printed to be used as invitations. The back of the card is printed with educational information about the subject and the artist’s thoughts about the drawing on the front of the card. The envelope is printed with the MenzArt logo on the flap. Friends will be impressed with the quality card they receive. Many people frame them.

The cards are packaged in packages of six. Each bird package of art cards contains six different bird images, and each mammal package contains six different animal images Each package contains a backing card showing the images that are in each package.

In the bird packages are:

In the mammal packages are:

Packages of six cards but containing six of the same image are also available. A bigger selection of birds, mammals and fish are available in these packages.

6 packs are $20.00

Individual Images may be purchased for $4.00 each.


Art Cards