MenzArt - Gil Menzies Wildlife Artist  was created in 1997 after many people expressed an interest in displaying Gil Menzies’ art work. Limited editions were printed of some of Gil Menzies’ more popular drawings, and more affordable open editions were also created in 2003 along with more limited editions of more images.

The objectives of MenzArt - Gil Menzies Wildlife Artist  are to market quality art, and in doing so, to support environmental and educational issues, and to leave a legacy. To fully appreciate these objectives is to know Gil Menzies, who has grown to love the outdoors since his early childhood when he was exposed to camping, hiking, fishing, and hunting with his father. This love of the outdoors has been carried to the next generations since Gil Menzies still enjoys these activities with his children and grandchildren.

The outdoors has provided a backdrop for intense and detailed study. Each subject must be represented in its native habitat, so much attention is paid to the details of the surroundings as well as to the details of the subject itself. For example, the scales and the location of the scales on a species of fish indicate the subspecies; therefore, knowledge of the differences in the subspecies determine the exact fish and this difference is important in its illustration. Likewise, pine martins exist among specific pine trees and not others, so it is important to have pine martins in the correct species of pine trees. This attention to the details of the subject and its corresponding habitat results in very detailed drawings giving Gil Menzies great satisfaction and the viewer unlimited appreciation. Quality wildlife art is created, and will be left as a legacy for people to enjoy.
Since environmental and educational issues are close to Gil Menzies’ heart, his quality wildlife art can be used as fundraisers to support both. This idea is further discussed in the “Benefits” section of this website.

Gil has done shows in Vancouver, Ottawa, Edmonton, Red Deer, and Calgary. His work can be seen at Tree Line Studios at Sun Peaks, BC, The Fishing Show in Calgary, Art Market in Calgary, Millarville Farmer’s Market in Millarville, World of Crafts in Edmonton, Festival of Crafts in Calgary and the Red Deer Sportsman Show. Gil’s art work has spanned the globe by appearing in Australia, New Zealand, China, England, Norway, Greece, and Japan as well as numerous locations in the United States and Canada. Original drawings may be seen at a private gallery by appointment.

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